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Jupiter Outdoor Center Blog


Things To Do: 5 Healthy Reasons to Spend Time In Nature

a group of people on a raft

  a group of people sitting at a dock   SUNSHINE — THE BEST SOURCE FOR VITAMIN D Vitamin D is gasoline for our bodies. The pump is right up there in the sky….

Things To Do: 5 Fun Spots for Brown Bag Lunch in Jupiter

a group of people sitting on a bench next to a body of water

Looking for a relaxing — and Covid-safe — spot to eat el fresco in Jupiter? Here are my five brown bag favorites. No charge for admission. And parking is free at all of ’em!   a sign on the side of a tree

Things To Do: 5 Ways to Start the New Year Right in Jupiter

a view of a large body of water

a store filled with lots of graffiti SHOP LOCAL Patronizing local businesses — dive shops, restaurants, entertainment, bike shops — is a great way to help your community and your Jupiter friends. When you spend money…

Things to do : 5 Top Ways to Celebrate the Winter Solstice in Jupiter

a bicycle parked on the side of the road

Let’s hear it for Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year! That’s the day afternoon shadows, early darkness and long nights start reversing. On Dec. 22, the sun begins its annual climb higher in the sky. That’s more hours for bicycling, stand-up paddle boarding, exploring — all that fantastic outdoor stuff….

THINGS TO DO IN JUPITER – 5 Essentials for outfitting your next trip on the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River


DRY BAG Towels, sunscreen, extra clothing, safety equipment like a whistle and first aid kit, energy bars, bottled water — keep them all safe and ready for use in a dry bag during your trip. And one more thing. Don’t take a chance bringing your car keys. Jupiter Outdoor Center guides will gladly keep them…


Paddle Board Classes Jupiter FL

5 Things To Do on a First Date at Jupiter Outdoor Center Full Moon on Jupiter Inlet waterways. Part the moonbeams glittering on Jupiter Inlet waters as you paddle past the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, alongside spindly-fingered mangrove trees and under Cato’s Bridge. Jupiter Outdoor Center guides will time the tour so that the moon rises…

COVID 19 Brings Awareness to Importance of Local Natural Areas

Come try out our new bicycles at Jupiter Outdoor Center


  Shiny new bicycles – beach cruisers and some with fat tires – are coming to Jupiter Outdoor Center at Riverbend Park. The two dozen new two-wheelers should be available for rent starting around Memorial Day. The new bicycles include beach cruisers for kids and adults. Bicycles with the big, fat tires — almost five…