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Things To Do in Jupiter – Connect with Nature


Connect with Nature

Ever wonder why you feel so serene after a paddle on the Wild & Scenic Loxahatchee River or a bicycle ride through the wilderness of Riverbend Park?

Scientists got that tranquility figured out.


That’s a term for patterns that repeat themselves, such as branches in trees, the bend of a river and meandering clouds. Viewing fractals blossoms the human spirit, sprouting feelings of well-being and relaxation.

Fractals also are flowers that boost people’s attention span, helping you concentrate.

And don’t forget to enjoy the sounds, smells and tactile stuff out there on the nature trail. Scientists say the symphony of insects humming, the aroma of sweet smelling water lilies and the coolness of the water make life better.


Cycling with Raw road

(Photos/video by Bill DiPaolo)

Mornings – when the Loxahatchee River is smooth like glass and the air is cool — is the best time to check out all the animals in Riverbend Park.

Otters, deer, turtles, great blue herons, turkeys, alligators and owls are all around.

Bring your binoculars. Or just your curiosity to this things to do in Jupiter adventure.

Register for a Pedal and Paddle tour here.



The island sanctuary of Fullerton Island – no motorized craft allowed —  is just a short paddle from Sawfish Bay Park.

Once planned for fancy condos, the island was bought by the town of Jupiter a few years ago.

After clearing the exotic plants and planting thousands on mangroves, the island is now an environmental vacationland for ospreys, manatees and more.

A recent morning paddle to Fullerton Island featured hundreds of Cassiopeia jellyfish gathered on the bottom at low tide. The dinner-plate-sized jellyfish lie on their backs allowing their tentacles to drift in the current. Their tentacles act like leaves on a tree, photosynthesizing sunlight into food

A great item on your things to do on Jupiter bucket list.

Register for a Sawfish Bay tour here.


a bicycle under tree

Towering banyan trees, beaches overlooking turquoise waters, cool breezes, lush landscaping  — a bicycle ride on A1A through Jupiter Island is a fantastic adventure on the 10-mile-long barrier island of about 950 residents.

JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER will deliver your bicycles to nearby Sawfish Bay Park or other nearby locations. Tandem, single, wide-tired, JOC has ’em all.

When you finish your 20-mile ride to Hobe Sound and back, JOC will meet you to pick up the bicycles.

All you do is have fun!

To sign up for a tour, click here.


a group of people on a boat in the water

Serene, nurturing, fun — a things to do in Jupiter tour with one of JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER’s expert guides is a great way to replenish your spirits.

Whether you have a mangrove Mystery Tour on the pristine Jupiter Inlet Waterways or a lazy ride past towering cypress trees on the shady Loxahatchee River, JOC guides will shown you all the sites.

Sea turtles, manatees, tropical fish and more are regulars, a watery addition to this thing to do in Jupiter tour.

Make your reservation now by clicking here.


a person standing next to a body of water

Set out on the smooth and clear waters of the Jupiter Inlet, leaving and returning at Charlie & Joe’s at Love Street.

Operated by Love Street Outdoor Center, the two tour boats float by the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum, past silky green mangroves and under Cato’s Bridge, a favourite place to spot sea turtles, tropical fish and manatees.

The boats offer canopies for shade. There’s comfortable seating on cushions or high tops.

What better way to wait for a table at Charlie & Joe’s, or catch a sunset on the beautiful Jupiter Inlet.

Public and private tours are available for this popular thing to do in Jupiter activity.

Click here to register for a tour.

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