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Things To Do In Jupiter – 5 Fab Selfie Spots


Finding a beautiful spot for a photo on Jupiter waterways is like looking for jazz in New Orleans — EASY!

Take a bicycle, stand-up paddle board, boat cruise or bicycle ride with boat ride with JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER or LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER and see it all: Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, manatees, tropical birds, historic landmarks and more.

Here’s a few of our favorites.



A guided tour along the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River is a fabulous way to connect with nature — and it’s just a few minutes away from the parking lot in Riverbend Park.

Ospreys, manatees, turtles, towering cypress trees, butterflies, an occasional ‘gator — Riverbend Park in a photographer’s paradise.

Register for Pedal & Paddle things to do in Jupiter Tour here.



Just off Burt Reynolds Park, Fullerton Island is an oasis to connect with nature — and get fabulous nature shots.

With no power boats allowed inside the waning waterways within the 12-acre island, the quiet makes approaching wildlife easy.

Juvenile snook, tarpon and snapper – hiding out from the big predators — lounge in the fingerlike roots of mangrove trees. Sea turtles take a nap on fallen tree limbs. Owls, ibis and ospreys soar above and hunt for food along the shore.

Paddling tours to Fullerton Island leave from nearby Sawfish Bay Park. Sign up for a things to do in Jupiter tour here.



Spanish galleons, their hulls packed with gold and more treasures from Mexico and South America, sometimes scuttled as they challenged the hull-ripping reefs off the Jupiter Inlet.

Your LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER guide will show you the remains of some of those majestic ships, and explain the dangers — and the allure — the Jupiter Inlet.

So sign up for a bicycle things to do in Jupiter tour of the historic Jupiter waterfront, click here.



Whether is peddling on A1A or paddling on Jupiter Inlet waterways, your safety is our top priority.

Helmets are provided for bicycle tours. We keep our bicycles in tip-top shape. We’ll adjust the seats and helmets to your liking, and give you a short riding lesson is needed. We pedal on wide bicycle paths and sidewalks along A1A and the waterfront.

Life vests, up-to-date watercraft and easy-to-use paddles are our routine. Before we paddle out to our adventure, JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER expert guides are happy to give you a short lesson on paddling and watercraft safety.

Have a suggestion during the things to do in Jupiter tour? Let your tour guide know. She or he will do their best to oblige.

To sign up for a group outing, click here.



a person riding on the back of a bicycle

Lighthouse Promenade — the final stop on our bicycle tours — has become a favorite spot for visitors.

With the whooshing inlet behind, birds flying above, waves lapping the shore below, Lighthouse in the background and wind flowing by all around, the location is a fantastic place to take a final shot of the day.



a bridge over a body of water

Now that your tour is complete, it’s time to relax with a snack and a beverage at Charlie & Joe’s at Love Street.

Four restaurants, a lovely view of the Jupiter Inlet and a wide walkway to enjoy the sights, Jupiter’s newest food and entertainment area has become a favorite for locals and visitors.

Looking for something to do while you are waiting for a table? Take a 30-minute or 60 minute boat cruise with LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER.

Your expert boat captain will show you all the sights. Feel free to bring a snack or beverage along for the things to do in Jupiter cruise.


a group of palm trees next to a pool of water


For more THINGS TO DO IN JUPITER, check out our blog here.






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