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Epic Adventures in Jupiter, Florida

Feeling more Adventurous?

Book a longer trip and go further down the Loxahatchee River. Or Explore the Indian River all day with multiple options for return. Try one of our 'Trapper Nelson's Challenges' or a "Downwinder" on Paddleboards! We can get you out and back for the Adventures of a lifetime. Call us to plan your next big Adventure. 561.747.0063

Trapper Nelsons Challenge

A full day’s adventure on the river with multiple options for return.

Anyone adventurous enough to take the Trapper Nelsons Challenge is following – or paddling- in the path of one of Jupiter’s most famous and mysterious residents.  Trapper lived on the river in a cabin between Riverbend park and the state park areas. He was a big strong man who could live off the land and often entertained tourists with tours of the area and his small zoo of alligators and local wildlife. He would often row one of his boats more than nine mile up the various channels of the Wild & Scenic River.

  • The first challenge option is to paddle the roughly 4.5 miles from Riverbend park to his Cabin and back, matching the 9 miles he would often do.
  • Be prepared for a full day of paddling. About 6 hours total round trip, including a 1/2 hour lunch at the site of his cabins and grounds and a few other snack breaks along the way.
  • Simply rent a canoe or kayak for the full day and get an early start. We will review more details to prepare you at check-in.


  • Make a One Way trip to Trapper’s, then continue on to the Jonathan Dickinson State Park boat ramp where we will pick you up and bring you back to Riverbend Park.
  • Approx. 6 hours from Riverbend to Jonathan Dickinson State Park, with a half hour ride back to Riverbend.
  • Be sure to Book both your full day rental and the shuttle in advance if you want the one-way option.