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Cato’s Bridge 

camp kids swimming at JILONA

In the shadow of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is this small drawbridge that links Jupiter and Jupiter Inlet Colony.

JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER will meet you and your group at nearby Sawfish Bay with kayaks, canoes or stand-up paddle boards. You can hire one of JOC’s expert guides to lead you on a tour or paddle out on your own to the bridge, about a half-hour lovely paddle away.

JOC will meet you back at Sawfish Bay after your paddling boarding in Jupiter adventure.

For experienced snorkelers and divers only, Cato’s Bridge is a steep-dropping, fast-moving waterway with lobsters, stone crab, angel fish, tropicals, groupers, hog snapper, shrimp, crabs, rays, turtles, octopus and squid. Listen closely for parrotfish munching on the coral. Keep your eye out for the invasive lion fish, fluttering like butterflies.

High tide is the best time to go on this paddle boarding in Jupiter adventure. Bring your dive flag. Watch out for barnacles on the bridge pilings — they are razor sharp.

Wear fins, the current is strong. Use a dive flag. Stay in the shallow areas. Watch out for boats passing under the bridge. Bring a diving partner.


Coral Cove Park


a turtle swimming under water

Just 1/2-mile north of the Jupiter Inlet is an easy-to-reach extensive natural limestone rock formation right at the beach.

The nooks and crannies in the rock formations attract a variety of fish and sea creatures.

Chances are you’ll spot snook, tarpon, sea turtles, resident reef fish, shark and rays.

Bring your camera, Coral Cove is a favorite for local photographers. The park has 600 feet of lifeguard-watched beach, picnic areas and playgrounds.

And there’s free parking at this paddle boarding in Jupiter adventure.


Phil Foster Park

A group of fishes underwater | Things to do in Jupiter

Squid, starfish, octopus, spotted rays and grunts are common underwater sights. So are graceful groupers, colorful parrot fish, lilting angelfish, tiny seahorses, snappers, damsels and more.

Located below the Blue Heron Bridge in the Lake Worth Lagoon, the marked underwater trail gets a steady flow of crystal clear water from the Atlantic Ocean. The current, along with the bridge pilings, rocks and artificial reefs, delivers the variety of sea life.

The snorkel trail is 200 feet offshore, accessible for beginners and experts.

After your snorkeling adventure, enjoy the pristine waters around the Jupiter Inlet with a paddle boarding in Jupiter adventure with JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER.

The best time to snorkel at Phil Foster is within 2 hours before and up to the slack tide. You will need a red and white divers flag.

There is no admission fee. Parking at Phil Foster Park is free.

WARNING: The parking lot fills up early, especially  on weekends and holidays.

Dubois Park

a person swimming in a pool of water

Beautiful, beachfront and historic, the 18-acre Dubois Park on the Jupiter Inlet offers safe, relaxing snorkeling for adults and in the kiddie pool for children. Lifeguards are stationed for safety. There are also grills and a picnic area.

After your paddle boarding ion Jupiter adventure, check out the 1898-built DuBois Pioneer Home, one of the last remaining historic homesteads of its type in Palm Beach County. “The house on the hill” is an excellent example of a self-sufficient South Florida Pioneer homestead.

Admission at DuBois Park is free. So is parking. Launching for kayaks and paddle boarding in Jupiter at DuBois Park is free. The launch points are near the free boat docking area.

To sign up for a paddle boarding in Jupiter tour, click here.

WARNING: DuBois Park fills up early, especially on weekends and holidays.


Carlin Park

a man and woman swimming in the water

With a half-mile of lifeguarded beach and lots of tropical fish, Carlin Park is a local favorite for snorkelers — experts and beginners.

Swimmers can spot fish just a few dozen feet offshore at the beach between Indiantown and Donald Ross roads.

Look for blue angels, butterfly fish, rays and grunts. Offshore, schools of dolphin are common.

Admission to Carlin Park is free for this things to do in Jupiter event.

So is parking along A1A and in Juno Beach Park.

After your snorkeling adventure, try a bicycle ride around the 10 miles of shaded, wide crushed shell trails at Riverbend Park. To register, click here.

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