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“Look at all the fish!”


That’s a recent revelation from one of our guests on a JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER paddling tour, floating through the close-packed, sturdy mangroves north of Cato’s Bridge,

Your canoeing in Jupiter tour begins into the clear waters of Sawfish Bay. Paddling toward the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse, your expert guide will be on the lookout for manatees, sea turtlers and tropical birds — and of course, little fish.

Paddling into the sanctuary known as the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, you’ll be amazed at the density of the mangroves. Look closely into the water around the spindly-fingered roots. Those juvenile snook, tarpon and shrimp you see are attending aquatic nursery school, hiding from predators until they are big enough to go into their watery world as adults.

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“The power of the ocean is incredible”

a person sitting on a rock near the ocean

This from a bicycle rider on a pedaling tour of the historic Jupiter waterfront.

You’ll hear, smell and feel the power of tides as the salty waves slap spray up against the rocks at the jetty at DuBois Park. Our tour straddles the turquoise blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean along Jupiter’s pristine beaches. There’s wide bicycle lanes, water fountains and rest rooms along the route.

We stop at the former site of the Celestial Railroad. We’ll check out the history of gold-seeking Spanish galleons sunk off the Jupiter Inlet centuries ago.

The tour is scheduled for 90 minutes. Too long? Too short? Do you have a special area you want to explore?

Sure.  Just let your LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER expert guide know what kind of tour you want. We’ll make it happen.

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“I thought you had to go to The Everglades to see tropical birds”

a bird that is standing in the grass next to a body of water

Binoculars around her neck, this kayaker was astounded at the batches of birds she saw on a recent canoeing in Jupiter tour along the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River and Jupiter Inlet waterways.

A few minutes later, she put them away after spotting ospreys, woodpeckers, ibises, herons, anhingas, egrets and bald eagles. Sandhill cranes, wild turkeys, peacocks, limpkins and numerous warblers in migration are regulars too.

The one-square-mile Riverbend Park on Indiantown Road also has miles of shaded, crushed shell bicycle paths.

Lots of gazebos and maps line the route to make your bird-searching trip a pleasant one.

Kayaks, canoes and bicycles are for rent at Jupiter Outdoor Center.

Check out JOC’s guided tours here!

“I never knew there was such history in Florida”

a man riding on the back of a bicycle

So said a woman after learning 17th-century Spanish galleons, loaded with silver from Mexico and other treasures, floundered and sunk in the powerful currents off Jupiter.

Native Americans lived in Jupiter 5,000 years ago. Archeologists know because they have found artifacts that old in Jupiter.

Harry DuBois met his future wife Susan — the builders of the DuBois Pioneer Home — met on a blind date at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

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Love Street — the romantic roadway leading to the sultry turquoise Jupiter Inlet waters — was originally called Loveless Street.

Mars, Jupiter, Venus — those were the droping off points to the Celestial Railroad. Pulled by oxen in the late 1800’s, the railroad ran for less than a decade, toting passengers, coconuts and fruits between Lake Worth and Jupiter.

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse played a role in the Civil War and World War II.

Your tour guide will tell you about these events and more on your tour.


“The moon is so big!” 

a bridge over a body of water

Sitting on his paddle board rolling on the waves in the Indian River, so said a paddler as we watched the moon rise on the smooth waters.

Our two-hour canoeing in Jupiter tour on the Intracoastal Waterway and Jupiter Inlet starts as the sun sets with a kaleidoscope of colors and wildlife. Paddle and spot wildlife as the sunsets with spectacular views! Catch a glimpse of the Jupiter Lighthouse turning its light on, and test your amateur astronomy skills with some naked-eye stargazing as the stars emerge and welcome the nigh during your canoeing in Jupiter tour.

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“I can’t believe how blue the ocean is here.”

a person standing on top of a sandy beach

So said Linda, who recently took a bicycle tour with LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER.

We started at picturesque DuBois Park, and took in the views of the Lighthouse, the waterfront homes in Jupiter Inlet Colony, the historic DuBois House and the boats navigating through the waves whoosing through the Jupiter Inlet. We pedaled south toward the Juno Beach Pier, alongside the turquoise-blue Atlantic Ocean.
LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER offers bicycle tours to custom fit your liking.
Learn about mangroves and manatees?
History of the Celestial Railroad?

Where do sea turtles nest?

And how did LOVE STREET get that name?

Click here and LOVE STREET OUTDOOR CENTER will set you up for a bicycle tour.


a man standing next to a body of water           


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