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Things To Do in Jupiter – Special Day for Special Kids

a young boy riding on a raft in a pool of water



A day of biking at Riverbend Park.

A day of paddling, biking, exploring, swimming and other Things To Do in Jupiter at Riverbend Park brought smiles to the faces of about two dozen children from Silent Victims of Crime.

“It warms our hearts and fulfills our mission of getting youth outdoors every time we paddle the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River with groups like Silent Victims of Crime. To observe at risk youth face their fear of tipping over or encountering an alligator while generating a sense of accomplishment when finished is gratifying and makes all of our hard work at JOC worth it,” said Rick Clegg, owner of Jupiter Outdoor Center.

a group of people looking at a picnic table

JOC donated the equipment, brought in lunch and provided staff direction for the day that started at the park under clear skies at about 10 a.m. on Tuesday for the children to enjoy one of the fun Things To Do in Jupiter. Many of the children, between the ages of 5-17, had never been on a kayak or on a nature trail.
a young boy sitting on a bench
One child was thrilled when Erica Heuwetter, who operates Wild Crafted Child summer camp at Riverbend Park, took them on a hike through the park. The camp is one of many Things To Do in Jupiter. She said they were nervous at first, but nature relaxed them.
“One young man held a grasshopper in his hand for the first time. He was thrilled,” Heuwetter said.
a hand holding a remote control
Such trips and other Things To Do in Jupiter encourage children to look beyond their situation and look toward the future, said SVC thought leader Wes Saunders.
“This enhances their imagination. It gives them a sense of belonging,” said Saunders, watching the children work at the arts and crafts table.
a group of people posing for the camera
When the children finished their hourlong paddle, they returned to the JOC launch point to  prepare for a bicycle ride, which is among Things To Do in Jupiter.
a young child riding on the back of a boat
Noting the big smiles, SVC Founder and Executive Director Paulette “Tinkerbelle” Pfeiffer said the day would be long remembered by the children.
“They learned about leaving their fears behind,” said Pfeiffer, noting the many Things To Do in Jupiter.
Silent Victims of Crime is hosting a Dance-athon  on July 31 to raise money for the organization.
For information, click here.
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