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Things To Do in Jupiter – Local Kids Clean Up the Lox



Spend time with your children at JOC.

Members of Kids Conservation Club show off a few of the bags of trash they collected on The Lox River as part of Things To Do in Jupiter with the help of JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER

Flip-flops, plastic containers, shirts, bait bags, candy wrappers, bottle tops — and a five-foot-long chunk of PVC pipe — were hauled from the Loxahatchee River on Wednesday by the Kids Conservation Club.
“Turtles, fish or other animals could have been injured eating this trash. It also teaches children to respect the river environment,” said Christie Nelson, who did the trash-collecting paddle to the second dam and back with her son Isaac.

The paddle is one of many Things To Do in Jupiter on the Loxahatchee River.

Club members preparing for their adventure.

Club members preparing for their adventure — one of many Things To Do in Jupiter.

Jupiter Outdoor Center donated the dozen kayaks for about 12 children and their parents for the adventure. JOC also donates one hour of free canoe time on Wednesday mornings to paddlers who bring a plastic bag with them to collect trash during their paddle on the river.

The free canoe/kayak time for trash collection is among Things To Do in Jupiter at JOC.

Check out JOC’s Summer Adventure Youth Program.


a man in a raft on the water

Children love the LOX!

“It’s a privilege and an honor for the Jupiter Outdoor Center to be a steward for The Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River. We do our best to instill a sense of reverence for the river to all the children in our youth programs and to anyone we put out on the river. We live and love the Lox!,” said Rick Clegg, owner of JOC.

a group of people riding on the back of a boat

YES, you are still in Jupiter!

Plucking trash from behind fallen trees, on the surface and in bushes, the children were glad to help keep the river clean.
“It’s important to protect the fish and the other animals,” said Isaac, who often participates in Things To Do in Jupiter at Riverbend Park.

Collecting trash during the paddling adventure.

Collecting trash during the paddling adventure

The children, many on their first paddling tour, were amazed to see turtles sunning themselves. They reached out to touch the cypress tree knees as they floated by. They asked questions about swamp lillies, pond apples and other colorful plants as they enjoyed Things To Do in Jupiter.

Shady cypress trees make a hot day a cool one on The Lox

Shady cypress trees make a hot day a cool one on The Lox

“We’re going to come back again. What a fantastic way to spend time with your children,” said another parent, noting the many Things To Do in Jupiter.

Spend time with your children at JOC.

Join us on a two-hour tour and paddle the Intracoastal Waterway and Jupiter Inlet as the sun sets and the end of the day is marked with a kaleidoscope of colors and wildlife. Paddle and spot wildlife as the sunsets with spectacular views! Catch a glimpse of the Jupiter Lighthouse turning its light on, and test your amateur astronomy skills with some naked-eye stargazing as the stars emerge and welcome the night.

Our Mangrove Mystery things to do in Jupiter tour seeks explores the local mangrove-lined waterways of the lower Loxahatchee River and Indian River Lagoon. Opportunities to spot sea turtles, manatees, and other wildlife add to the adventure. You can choose to paddle a one-person kayak, two-person-kayak, or paddle board.

Depending on the tide and weather, your trip may pass by the Jupiter Lighthouse, meander to Sawfish Bay which holds two beautiful mangrove islands perfect for bird watching, or take you on an adventure to the Indian River Lagoon, the most bio-diverse estuary in the United States. All skill levels and ages welcome. Your guide will provide basic paddle and safety instruction.

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