World Ocean Day Event Jupiter Outdoor Center

“Our Oceans, Our Future 2017”

World Oceans Day began in 2002 with the idea that recognizing one global ocean could connect us all. This global event has brought awareness to the many problems that are faced with ocean conservation today. Pollution and over fishing are some of the reasons why marine ecosystems are deteriorating and that is why World Oceans Day is a way that people can come together to understand the importance of these issues. With advisers and volunteers around the world, The Ocean Project has used its World Oceans Day, to promote events all over the world.

That is why Jupiter Outdoor Center and many other local businesses will be taking part in celebrating unity through the common goal of conserving our natural oceans. On June 11th, JOC will be participating in day long event honoring World Oceans Day. The center will begin the event with a paddle out to the turtle viewing area and a Dolphin Tour sponsored by TARA’s Foundation from 10-12 pm. Jupiter Water Taxi will be operating tours around Jupiter’s waterways beginning at 11 am and free kids Kayaking and Paddle-boarding lessons will be offered on our Love St. beach from 1-4 pm. Also, our amazing friends over at the Loxahatchee River Center will be offering a live touch tank for the kids from 2-3 pm. Music and food will be sponsored by the I Love Lucy Foundation and raffles will be presented by TARA’s Foundation where memberships, retail items, and snorkeling gear will be awarded to the lucky winners. Activities will be abundant at the JOC World Oceans Day event for your education and pleasure!

Jupiter Outdoor Center 20 year anniversary

Jupiter Outdoor Center is Celebrating 20 Years of Eco-Friendly Fun

In honor of Jupiter Outdoor Center’s 20th anniversary, the center will be celebrating this milestone by offering a free 3 month individual membership to the person that submits a story and picture that best illustrates the many reasons why JOC is the ultimate choice for outdoor adventure and fun! Here is our story about why friends and customers call JOC “ the real JUPITER experience”. From the day back in 97 when JOC opened at what is now known as Guanabanas it has been the place to go for all things “ OUTDOORS”. In fact ,if you like Guanabanas you might be interested to know that it started out in 1999 as The Kayak Cafe inside the JOC outfitters store where the bar is now located. In Other Words, if there was no JOC, there would be no Guanabanas! Since moving to the Inlet on Love St in 2014 paddlers and campers have raved about the crystal clear blue water , Its serenity and abundance of amenities. We are the perfect place to experience a 360 degree view of all the beauty Jupiter has to offer. And we have a Hammock!!

1) Location: We are the only paddle center on Blue Water in Jupiter!

2) The views: Who doesn’t love The Jupiter Inlet  lighthouse and Museum? Our beach has a 360 degree view of all things Jupiter.

3) Famous Hammock: Our beach is home to the iconic JOC hammock where you can relax and snap a picture perfect memory.

3) JOC has many ways to explore  the beautiful Indian and Loxahatchee Rivers and the Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve: Kayaks/sups/water taxi are just some of the ways you can explore these waters.

4) Love St. Beach: Our beach is the perfect spot to take a seat, relax and enjoy one of our many adirondack chairs.

5) Our staff: JOC’s staff is an eclectic blend of water loving, paddle loving people ready and willing to share their passion with everyone.

6) JOC shares the love: We are paddle and pet  friendly even if you don’t rent from us you can launch here and we will create a free trip plan that factors in your experience, interests, tides and weather.

7) JOC is surrounded by local bars and eateries to satisfy any taste after your paddle adventure

8) JOC has the KNOWLEDGE of this area. We have been in business for 20 years and we know our stuff.

9) Passion: JOC is passionate about everything around us and we want to share that with you

10) Diversity: We have many ways for you to enjoy the waterways here. Rentals/tours/camps/parties/water taxi/beach/bikes.

11) Community: JOC has always been a leader in the community and has given back in many ways such as beach cleanups, youth education , supporting the sprint flatwater Olympic Teams and events with local charities and more.

12) ECO FRIENDLY: No motors here!

13) JOC is the clear choice: With our crystal blue water as the backdrop to your adventure you just can’t go wrong.

14) SEA LIFE: so many to list but just a few ranging from tiny crabs to manatees and turtles. You may even see a leatherback turtle one day

15) Fitness: Paddling is a LIFE SPORT! All ages can benefit from paddling on a regular basis.

16) We are OUTSIDE! Nature is the best way to de stress and get away from the over technological world we live in today.

17) 363 days a year we are open! Spend your holidays with us or book a party!

19) Lifestyle: JOC helps you keep your Florida lifestyle in check. We make it easy for you with memberships and guided tours and you can even bring your furry friends, as we are pet friendly.

20) Last but not least LOVE. We are on LOVE Street. We LOVE what we do. We LOVE being there for you. We LOVE Jupiter.


“As a tour guide here I am asked if my job ever gets boring. Doing the same thing in the same spot every day. I DO NOT! The water changes every minute, of every day, of every season. I relish the subtle and abrupt fluctuations… the ebb and flow of my daily tour route. The manatees I’ve encountered (and named) are in constant flux. It is a virtual who’s who of Mother Nature’s aquatic best. The flora and fauna of the area are limitless. Sometimes you just have to stop, look and listen and things you never knew, were there all around you. I personally enjoy the billions of tiny fish schools you may find yourself surrounded by. The amazing array of birds is sure to please any ornithologist. JOC’s waterways can offer any kind of day you might be looking for, from a serene early Monday morning to a chaotic party on the sandbar with the boater’s kind of day. Zen to Zestful adventure awaits at JOC.”
-Max Park, JOC Tour Guide/Camp Director

While our views and activities are the best part of our immersive experience, Jupiter’s marine life is an extraordinary sight for everyone. A paddle adventure is the perfect place to see the amazing marine life our waterways have to offer. Here are some of the animals you may come across on your next visit:

1) First and foremost MANATEES
2) Turtles running a close second
3) Hermit crabs: every camper’s favorite
4) Stingrays: From stingrays to spotted eagle rays big and small
5) Needlefish: One of my personal favorites
5) Puffer fish
6) Sea urchins
7) Star fish
8) Conch
9) Sea Cucumbers
10) Seahorses: you have to look hard but they are there
11) Eels
12) Really big Turtles. On a rare occasion you can see leatherback and loggerheads
13) Sharks: Yes, sharks big and small
14) Mullet Fish…tons of them
15) Jellyfish: A turtle’s favorite lunch
16) Clams o plenty
17) Parrot fish…the color of the ocean
18) Blue Crabs
19) Porpoise
20) The locals on the sandbars and beaches enjoying the water and some tunes from their boats. Wink…wink.

School's Out Day Camps Jupiter Kids Camp

School’s Out Day Camps Still Rockin’ Strong

Jupiter Outdoor Center has had a few School’s Out Day Camps since my last blog from Camp #2. Most of those camps were a combination of wind and more wind plus the added bonus of one camp on a full moon. Never the less, fun and adventure were had by the kids.

Speaking of the kids…I just adore my job as counselor. Each child is treasure in their own Kids Day Camps Jupiterway. They never cease to amaze me. So, I thought I would just blog about a few things that I have learned from hanging out with the campers.

I sometimes just sit back a bit and watch. Kids from every walk of life have joined us here at Jupiter Outdoor Center and there is no prejudice, no questions..just pure innocence with the expectation of fun ahead. As adults I feel we become jaded by society …thus…watching these kids, who are total strangers for the most part, just instantly bond the way they do is a fantastic thing to see? The joyous innocence of youth. I’ve seen the connection of siblings in a way that warms my heart. Fears have been overcome and memories of a lifetime have been made.Spending the day with these kids makes me happy. One day in particular after a great afternoon with the campers…I went home and turned on the news. What a buzz kill!!! After such a day of wonderment and fun with the children… I was disturbed and saddened by the real world. I turned off the television. All in all, I think there is a point when all of us as adults and /or  parents would like to be a kid at Jupiter Outdoor Center’s School’s Out Day Camp. Young is a state of mind. Come visit us at JOC and let your kids show you.

peanut island kayak peanut island paddleboard peanut island sup peanut island

Exploring, Kayaking, and Paddleboarding Peanut Island

Peanut Island is a great place to enjoy a day packed with fun recreation activities from paddleboarding or kayaking to snorkeling and fishing from the Singer Island Outdoor Center. Peanut Island has a long history here in Palm Beach County, created in 1918 from material that was dredged during the construction of the Lake Worth Inlet.  In 1923 the Lake Worth Inlet District purchased the Island and in 1930 Congress authorizes the building of a coast guard station which would open six years later and close almost 60 years later in 1995.

How did they decide to name it “Peanut” Island? Well even though plans to use the island as a terminal for peanut oil    were abandoned they had decided to keep the name.  In 1961 JFK  constructed an underground bunker that provided a shelter and command post on the island.

By 1984 Palm Beach County and the Port of Palm Beach enter into an agreement  to provide maintenance of the island, provided it remains a recreation area.  In 1991 the Port of Palm Beach sells 50 acres of the 79 acre island to the Florida Inland Navigation District.  To protect the wildlife and it’s habitat on Peanut Island the Army Corps of Engineers awards a contract for the Peanut Island Environmental Enhancement  Project.  While creating over 30 acres of wildlife habitat they removed invasive non native vegetation and spoil materials. In 2005 the projects amenities officially opened to the public to enjoy recreational activities year round.

Today Peanut Island has an excellent lifeguarded area to enjoy snorkeling and swimming on its south eastern side.    Currently the Island has a 1.25 mile walking path that allows you to explore and see some of the amazing wildlife the island has to offer.  Along with a campsite, boat docks, and historic Coast Guard  station Peanut Island is a great way to enjoy a days worth of recreation in the sun.