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Things To Do in Jupiter — St. Lucie Inlet Tours

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Things To Do in Jupiter

Upcoming Adventure coming soon at JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER!

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Accessible only by boat, St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park is a dream come true for those seeking out the natural Florida.

JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER  guides will take you on an hourlong boat ride from Jupiter Inlet waterways on the pristine Intracoastal Waterway to the Preserve on the northern tip of Jupiter Island, where the St. Lucie River enters the Atlantic Ocean.

After docking at the Preserve, you’ll walk a tree-lined, shady boardwalk through lush mangrove forests and hammocks of live oaks, cabbage palms, paradise trees and wild limes to a neatly preserved Atlantic Ocean beach, a first stop on your things to do in Jupiter excursion.


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You’ll quickly see the St. Lucie Inlet Preserve is one of the few undeveloped areas on Florida’s east coast. It’s a popular spot with nature students who visit to learn about native flora and fauna of Florida barrier islands.

Along the 3/4-mile boardwalk, you’ll likely see lots of wildlife. There’s long-legged ibises, colorful butterflies, spindly spiders, wide-winged ospreys hunting for fish and raccoons roustabouting through thick mangroves during your things to do in Jupiter trip.

The island is an important nesting area for loggerhead, leatherback and green turtles. They come ashore at night to dig holes in the beach sand where they lay their eggs.
You’ll know you are reaching the end of the trail when you hear the waves from the Atlantic Ocean through the thick mangroves.
Step out onto the beach, and you are in your own private paradise. Visitors are few, since access is limited to boaters on this things to do in Jupiter adventure.

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When you’re ready to return, rinse off in the public outdoor shower with a pull handle — the water is surprisingly cool — and head back on the shady boardwalk.

JOC guides then offer you the option of taking a paddling tour through the 4.2-mile kayak trail that meanders through mangrove estuaries and maritime hammocks.

Expect to see lots of wading birds like great blue heron, white ibis and snowy egret. Look closely in the water for juvenile fish who shelter in the thick mangroves to hide from predators.

Listen closely – the quiet is intoxicating.

The splash of paddles slicing through the ice-tea red waters and the occasional clatter from hunting birds are about the only sounds you’ll hear in your things to do in Jupiter adventure.


The winding kayak path mostly is wide enough for kayaks to paddle through side by side. You may have maneuver through fallen mangroves and other tree limbs in certain spots. JOC guides will show you how during your things to do in Jupiter tour.

Stay tuned to JOC as we work out the details for this fabulous things to do in Jupiter adventure!

We’ll post a notice when you can sign up.


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