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Wildlife is under, above and all around when you go for a paddling or bicycling adventure at Jupiter Outdoor Center.

Here’s some of our favorite outdoor characters.

a tree in a forest
Owls, great blue herons, osprey, ducks, sandhill cranes, hawks, turkeys, bald eagles — even if you can’t tell a feather from a fantail you’ll have fun birdwatching in Riverbend Park and around Jupiter Inlet watersways.
Binoculars are great, but the naked eye is enough to see and hear all kinds of birds in the towering cypress trees, along the shore and squawking as they fly overhead.
Check out JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER’S birding, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling and other many wildlife adventures.

a turtle in the water


Sea turtles – graceful and surprisingly swift swimmers — are constant companions on both Jupiter Inlet waterways and the Loxahatchee River.

Visitors will quickly understand why the Seminoles called the river Loxahatchee, which means river of turtles. Yellow bellied slider turtles like to gather on fallen cypress tree branches, sometimes half a dozen at a time.

They stretch out their legs and neck to catch the sun. Is that turtle yoga?

Loggerhead, green and other sea turtles are common in Jupiter Inlet waterways.

Take a paddle near DuBois Park — we call that Turtle Cove — and you’re likely to see them frolicking in the sea grass.


a horse is eating grass in a field


Pedal and step quietly, and you’re like to come upon deer throughout Riverbend Park.

The animals like to hang out and feed along Pond Trail and Reese Trail.

Early mornings or late afternoons are the times for the best sightings.

The shaded, crushed-gravel trails make for easy pedaling.

Try JOC’s Pedal & Paddle Tour!


a person riding on the back of a boat in the water


Spotting sea cows is easy in the pristine waters around the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

These curious, plant-eating mammals may snuggle right up to your stand-up paddle board or kayak.

Don’t be nervous. They are as harmless as the changing tide.

Listen closely, and you’ll hear them take a deep breath before they take another dive. Check out those whiskers!

JOC manatee tours leave from nearby Sawfish Bay.

MANATEE FACT: Whats the closest relative to the manatee?

Dolphin? Nope.

Sea turtle? Nah.

Otter? Wrong again.

Their closest relative in the elephant. Manatees evolved from the same land animals as elephants over 50 million years ago.


a man and woman swimming in a pool of water
a person holding a fish in its mouth
Starfish, tropical fish, snook, pompano, blue runners and Spanish mackerel are some of the fish you might see if you stop your kayal or stand-up paddle board for a visit to Cato’s Bridge near the Jupiter Inlet.
Feel like a little fishin’?
Snook, largemouth bass and more are caught in the Loxahatchee River.
JOC guides know all the nooks and crannies for the best fishing holes and viewing spots.
Take out one of JOC’s canoes or kayaks or rent a JOC watercraft try your luck on your own.
Contact the local leader in Outdoor Adventure — Call 561-747-0063 or go to Jupiter Outdoor Center at