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Things To Do in Jupiter – 5 Cool Paddling Stops

a group of people riding skis on a body of water


Things To Do in Jupiter

Life vests, paddles, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards — JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER will bring it all out and meet you at Sawfish Bay Park or other locations for your water adventure.

JOC guides can either take you for a tour or you can paddle out on the pristine waterways on your own to see manatees, tropical fish, wildlife, sea turtles and more.

Here’s five fun paddling spots on your things to do in Jupiter tour:



a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

Outgoing tide is the best time to push off from Sawfish Bay Park into the pristine waters of the Jupiter Inlet.

Like riding your bicycle with the wind, the current will take you smoothly toward the historic Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

Veer to port, (left for landlubbers), and you’ll paddle toward Cato’s Bridge on your things to do in Jupiter adventure.

(In case you’re wondering, the bridge is named after a man named Cato who was the bridge tender for many years.)



a large body of water

The island sanctuary– no motorized craft allowed —  is just a short paddle from Sawfish Bay Park.

Once planned for fancy condos, the island was bought by the town of Jupiter a few years ago.

After clearing the exotic plants and planting thousands on mangroves, the island is now a environmental vacationland for ospreys, manatees and more.

A great item on your things to do in Jupiter bucket list.



a large body of water with a city in the background

Named after a local bridge tender, Cato’s Bridge is a prime spot to spot manatees, sea turtles and tropical fish.

Many JOC guests in this things to do in Jupiter adventure bring their snorkels and face masks to spot the wildlife.

CAUTION: The tides can be strong. Boats are regularly going by under the bridge. Make sure you swim with a partner. Bring a dive flag.



a group of people on a boat in the water

Mangroves, with their spindly, thick fingers making a root system that anchors them to the bottom, make a safe nursery for snook, bass, jack and other tropical fish.

JOC expert guides can take you out to find the local nooks and crannies in a Mangrove Mystery Tour.

Check out our day or night tours. Just ask and JOC will make a tour to fit your needs.

JOC also offers moonlight and astronomy tours, more things to do in Jupiter.



a group of people in a boat on a body of water

When the tide is right, you can get off your paddle board or kayak and walk in the crystal-clear Indian River.

Step in the waist-deep waters along the islands, where manatees and sea turtles are common visitors.

Or take a sandy seat on the beach and just watch the world go by.

You won’t believe you are still in Jupiter.

Check out JOC’s Twilight/Sunset tours.


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