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If You Have Never Been on a Manatee Tour Jupiter, Check This Out!

Manatee Tour Jupiter

<a”>Manatee Tour JupiterManatees are large herbivorous marine mammals that are actually quite rare. If you have seen a manatee before in a zoo, seeing them in the wild is quite different. If you haven’t seen a manatee before, a Manatee Tour Jupiter can be an incredible experience.

Manatees are quiet, shy, marine mammals that are endangered by housing development, loss of habitat and food, and boating activity on waterways. Many manatees are actually injured and killed by boat propellers every year. Their habitats are the coastal waterways and marshy areas, including the mangrove swamps and intracoastal waterways in Florida. Without protection, environmentalists expect that Florida manatees will go extinct. A Manatee Tour Jupiter can help you to appreciate these gentle, shy water mammals while you still have a chance to see them.

Here are some ways to get an incredible Manatee Tour Jupiter experience.

1 – Get local guides.

Local guides will help you find manatees while they rest in the shade or graze in the quiet waterways. A Manatee Tour Jupiter with local guides will give you the best chance of seeing the most manatees because local guides will know where they are.

2 – A kayak Manatee Tour Jupiter is the safest experience for the manatee

The shy gentle manatee is not aggressive and you can safely observe them from a kayak. You also do not want to risk harming any manatees with the propeller of a boat. You want your Manatee Tour Jupiter to be a close up, natural view of the manatee and not an experience that will frighten or injure them. And you certainly do not need to be afraid of the manatee.

3 – Get close up to manatees

Manatees are actually quite curious and when you are floating on the surface of the water they may actually come up to check out their visitors. This interaction can give you a rich memorable experience as you observe and interact with the manatees on your Manatee Tour Jupiter. You can also find out a lot about manatees from your guide, including their intelligence, resourcefulness, and efforts to protect them in their natural habitat.

To get the very best Manatee Tour Jupiter from local guides who know exactly how to find groups of manatees, check into Jupiter Outdoor Center. We have kayaks and guides who can take you on your Manatee Tour Jupiter to introduce you to our local manatees. Often the manatees will see the kayaks on the surface and come in close to get a good look. It will be an unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat. Call Jupiter Outdoor Center at 561-316-6203