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Fun Things To Do in Jupiter – Riverbend Park



Things to do in Jupiter at Riverbend Park

Take The Trapper Nelson Challenge!

a person standing posing for the camera


Anyone adventurous enough to take the Trapper Nelson Challenge with JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER guides is following – make that paddling – in the path of one of Jupiter’s most famous and mysterious residents.

To register for the things to do in Jupiter adventure, click here.

Your voyage on the Loxahatchee River at Riverbend Park to Jonathan Dickinson State Park with JOC guides relives the weekly trip for supplies taken by the Legend of the Loxahatchee in the early 1930s. You’ll nose through ribbon-like channels, some just six feet wide. Snook, deer, great blue herons and ‘gators are regular visitors.

You’ll pass orchids, cypress knees and Spanish Moss as you paddle to the swamp-surrounded homestead Trapper set up when he was just 23. Skinning ‘gators, selling furs, trapping animals, running a zoo and growing citrus kept the blue-eyed New Jersey native busy for 35 years.



If you want to get outdoors, social distance, nurture with nature – check out Riverbend Park.

Expect to see scrub-jays, roseate spoonbills, pelicans, wood storks, limpkins, sandhill cranes, snail kites, herons, egrets — maybe a bald eagle or two.

To register for JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER Loxahatchee River tour, click here.

Hints on birdwatching on your things to do in Jupiter tour:

  • LISTEN: Use your ears as much as your eyes, especially in a densely forested area
  • STOP: Scan the branches and ground slowly, birds are great at melding into the background
  • BRING A FIELD GUIDE: The book will help you quickly identify birds
  • BE AWARE OF POSITION OF SUN: The best photos are taken with the sun at your back.



a group of people riding on the back of a boat in the water

Jupiter Outdoor Center offers guided tours that let you see the wonders of Riverbend Park from a bicycle and a canoe or kayak.

Sign up for a pedal & paddle things to do in Jupiter tour here.

Kids’s bikes, tandem bikes, single bikes, bikes with baskets, wide-tire bikes, bikes with easy-to-adjust seats — JOC guides will make sure you have the bike you are the most comfortable on.

The same with watercraft. We have single and double kayaks. Canoes for experts and beginners. Cushions. Relaxing seats. JOC supplies the life vests and paddles. You just show up and have fun at another things to do in Jupiter adventure.

Try JOC’s Mangrove Mystery Tour.


Fantastic Photos

a close up of a boat next to a body of water

Everybody’s a great photographer when you are in the vibrant, colorful Riverbend Park.

Bright white swamp lillies, radiant butterflies, wild turkeys, playful otters, graceful herons and big-eyed deer are a few of the fun subjects out there on your things to do in Jupiter tour.

And don’t forget the sunsets and sunrises — those Pepto Bismol skies are a knockout!



a person riding a bike down a dirt road


Expert, novice or just plain curious — there are trails for everyone inside and connecting to Riverbend Park.

There’s about 10 miles of interconnected broad walkways of compacted limestone. Signage and kiosks make it nearly impossible to get lost on your things to do in Jupiter tour.

Register for JOC Pedal and Paddle tour here.

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