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Experience the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River by Kayak

a man and woman swimming in the water

The Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River is an amazing untouched natural wonder located right here in Jupiter, Florida, and will allow those lucky enough to kayak down its waters a glimpse into how Florida looked thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years ago. In 1985 the river was the first waterway in Florida to receive the federal designation as a Wild and Scenic River, and is currently one of the only two rivers bearing this distinction in the state. Since no motorized watercraft are permitted on the upper section of the river, nor are there any true hiking trails running its length, the only way to see this amazing natural wonder is to paddle your way through by kayak or canoe. The Loxahatchee River Kayak Tours offered by the Jupiter Outdoor Center are a fun way to check it out safely.

Paddlers can explore 10 major freshwater and saltwater habitats along this peaceful slow moving river, which is home to an abundance of wildlife, including endangered and threatened species of animals. Bird watchers will enjoy seeing countless species of birds such as; blue heron, ibis, osprey, egrets, wood storks, sandhill cranes, owls, and peregrine falcons among many others. The river is also home to river otters, manatees, a variety of fish, alligators and of course turtles from which the river gets its name, “Loxahatchee” a Seminole Indian word meaning “river or creek of turtles”.

The true beauty of the river and its inhabitants can’t be summed up with words, and the only true way to experience the Loxahatchee River is to grab a paddle, get into a kayak, and float your way beneath the hundred year old cypress trees that line its banks. An eco-tour of this amazing place will transport you to a time forgotten, and immerse you in natural beauty.

The Jupiter Outdoor Center offers Loxahatchee River Kayak Tours which will get you and your family into the river with great paddling gear, kayaks, and a dedicated guide who will give you insight into the ecology of the river and keep you safe and sound. Book your Loxahatchee River Kayak Tour today by calling the Jupiter Outdoor Center at (561) 316-6203.