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Top 20 Reasons to go to Jupiter Outdoor Center

Jupiter Outdoor Center

Jupiter Outdoor Center is by far the unadulterated epitome of Jupiter. Our serene yet busy spot boasts many amenities. Jupiter Outdoor Center is located directly in front of the iconic lighthouse, which is the essence of Jupiter for locals and visitors from afar. See the list below to learn just what makes Jupiter Outdoor Center so special.

1) The Location: As soon as you arrive you’re right on the water.
2) The View: You’ll have your breath taken away by the scenery as soon as you pull up.
3) Jupiter Outdoor Center has many ways to travel our beautiful inlets and waterways including kayaks, sups, paddleboards, and a water taxi.
4) Our beachfront: We have The INFAMOUS LOVE STREET HAMMOCK!
5) Our staff: Jupiter Outdoor Center’s staff is an eclectic blend of water loving, paddle loving people ready and willing to share their passion with everyone.
6) Jupiter Outdoor Center shares the love: We are always paddle friendly. Even if you don’t rent from us you can launch from our location.
7) The Food: Jupiter Outdoor Center is surrounded by local bars and eateries to satisfy any craving after your paddling adventure.
8) KNOWLEDGE of this area: We have been in business for 20 years and we know our stuff.
9) Passion: We passionate about the environment and community around us and we want to share our love with you.
10) Diversity: We have many ways for you to enjoy the local waterways rentals, tour, camps, parties, a water taxi, and beaches.
11) Community: Jupiter Outdoor Center has been involved in the community since its beginning and has given back by participating in activities such as beach clean ups and events with local charities.
12) Fun: We make fun our main focus for our staff and our guests!
13) Eco-Friendly: You won’t see any toxic motors here! We make sure we treat our environment with the respect and love it deserves.
14) Beauty: With our crystal blue water as the backdrop to your adventure you just can’t go wrong.
15) Marine Life: We’re surrounded by complex marine ecosystems featuring wildlife ranging from tiny crabs to manatees and turtles. You may even see a leatherback turtle one day!
16) Fitness: Paddling is a LIFE SPORT! People of all ages can benefit from paddling on a regular basis.
17) Outdoor Setting: Nature is the best way to de-stress and get away from the office and overwhelming amount of technology that can invade our lives.
18) Always Open: We are open 363 days a year! You can spend your holidays with us! Book a party!
19) Lifestyle: We help you keep your Florida lifestyle in check and make sure you’re taking advantage of the taste of paradise you moved down here for in the first place!
20) LOVE: We are on LOVE street. We LOVE what we do. We LOVE being there for you. We LOVE Jupiter.