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Three Great Reasons To Send Your Kids to School’s Out Camp Jupiter FL

School's Out Camp at the Jupiter Outdoor Center

School's Out Camp at the Jupiter Outdoor Center
The kids have the day or week off from school, but unfortunately, you parents don’t have the day off from work. What to do? The Jupiter Outdoor Center offers great School’s Out Day Camps. We blend a number of environmental programs with lessons on proper paddling technique, water games, snorkeling, and of course a big focus on fun.

Keeping kids busy and entertained can be a challenge for working parents, but the School’s Out Camp at the Jupiter Outdoor Center in Jupiter FL is a great solution to this problem. The alternatives such as daycares and babysitters can be costly and may not be very stimulating for the kids. Parents that are facing the 9-5 grind want to know that their children will be well taken care of and having fun, and that is exactly what Jupiter Outdoor Center’s School’s Out Adventure Camps have been created to do.

Jonathan J. had been looking for a Saturday program that was both affordable and trustworthy. Here is what he has to say about School’s Out Camp at the Jupiter Outdoor Center.

“My wife and I both have full time jobs, and we have two rambunctious boys that are full of energy. Sometimes it never seems to stop. We wanted to keep them out of trouble but engaged in fun activities while we are at work. A camp program is the only way we have been able to do this. We tried several different programs and camps, but our boys always complained about them. They were either bored, or they did not like their counselors. My wife and I decided that if we were going to be spending money on an after school program, then our boys had to be enjoying it. When we heard about the School’s Out Day Camps offered at the Jupiter Outdoor Center, we were so excited because our boys love the water. Since their first experience at the JOC’s School’s Out Camp they have loved every minute of it, and they can’t wait for another break from school to go back to the School’s Out Camp. My wife and I are happy, and so are our two boys.”

Here are three things that will keep kids busy and happy during School’s Out Camp.

Standup Paddleboarding
Standup Paddleboarding is a lot easier than it looks. Paddle boards are built for balance and stability. Once kids stand up on one, they quickly get the hang of it and begin to enjoy their time on the water. Paddleboarding at the Jupiter Outdoor Center’s School’s Out Camp in Jupiter, FL gives children a unique way to experience the world around them. This is a fun and safe experience that kids will be telling their parents about at the dinner table.

For the kids that don’t like the idea of trying to stand up on a paddle board or prefer to sit down while paddling, there is also kayaking. A nice comfortable kayak keeps kids paddling and having fun all day. Kayaking can help build confidence, strength, and continue to further their appreciation of nature. This is just one of many great adventures available at our School’s Out Day Camps in Jupiter, FL.

Nature Scavenger Hunts
Every kid loves a good scavenger hunt, and one of the many programs the kids participate in while at the JOC’s School’s Out Day Camps, are ecology and paddlesport themed scavenger hunts. Kids can work together in teams to accomplish their goals and build teamwork skills and make new friends in the process.

If you are looking for an excellent way to keep your kids busy when they have a break from school, then you have just found it. The School’s Out Camp at the Jupiter Outdoor Center in Jupiter, FL is a day camp that is available in a full day package that lasts from 9:00 A.M. Until 5:00 P.M. There is also a shorter package available that lasts from 9:00 A.M. To 1:00 P.M. Jupiter Outdoor Center knows how to keep kids happy and safe. Call them today at: (561) 316-6203.