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Things To Do in Jupiter – Outdoors at Riverbend Park

Boating in river


Things To Do in Jupiter

Wildlife is Everywhere



a turtle in the water- THINGS TO DO IN JUPITER

Mornings – when the Loxahatchee River is smooth like glass and the air is cool — is the best time to check out all the animals in Riverbend Park.

Otters, deer, turtles, great blue herons, alligators, owls are all around.

Bring your binoculars. Or just your curiosity this things to do in Jupiter adventure.

There’s plenty to see.


Pedal & Paddle

A cycle parked on a bridge next to paddy water              Move with the help of paddle - Kayaking | Things to do in Jupiter

Jupiter Outdoor Center offers guided tours that let you see the wonders of Riverbend Park from a bicycle and a canoe or kayak.

Sign up for a pedal & paddle tour here.

Kids’s bikes, tandem bikes, single bikes, bikes with baskets, wide-tire bikes, bikes with easy-to-adjust seats — JOC guides will make sure you have the bike you are the most comfortable on.

The same with watercraft.

We have single and double kayaks. Canoes for experts and beginners. Cushions. Relaxing seats.

JOC supplies the life vests and paddles.

You just show up and have fun at another things to do in Jupiter adventure.

Try JOC’s Mangrove Mystery Tour.


Have a Hike

a man riding a bike down a dirt road

The miles and miles of graded trails in Riverbend Park are shaded with palm and oak trees along the Loxahatchee River.

Scattered throughout the trails in Riverbend Park are gazebos, outdoor rest stops along the trail.

Don’t worry about getting lost. Big maps are posted along the trail.

Bring water, bug spray and snacks to this things to do in Jupiter event.

And a hat to protect you from the sun.


Birds! Birds! Birds!


an owl perched on a tree branch

Pinkish roseate spoonbills, wading wood storks, big-beaked ibises, silent owls — Riverbend Park is a bird watchers paradise.

Hints on birdwatching:

  • LISTEN: Use your ears as much as your eyes, especially in a densely forested area
  • STOP: Scan the branches and ground slowly, birds are great at melding into the background
  • BRING A FIELD GUIDE: The book will help you quickly identify birds
  • BE AWARE OF POSITION OF SUN: The best photos are taken with the sun at your back


Yoga in the Woods

a girl sitting on a rock next to a tree

Serenity Yoga is Saturdays is at 10:00 a.m. at JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER in Riverbend Park.

Join certified yoga instructor Shellie Ann Chiet as she takes you on a spiritual journey of the mind, body, and spirit with a slow flow one-hour Saturday session that’s sure to start your week out with just the right balance.
$15 per person.
Be sure to bring a yoga mat, blanket, and water to this things to do in Jupiter event.
To make a reservation or information, call us at (561)747-0063 or click here.


Plants! Plants! Plants!

a plant in a garden

Colorful, tall, mysterious, smelling swell — the growth along the Loxahatchee River in Riverbend Park never stops.

Air plants are nature’s hitch-hikers, hooking onto other plants for a ride. Look up, you’ll find the brownish spiderweb-like plants nestled in the notches of tree branches.

Yellow water lillies float on top.

Green on the outside and whitish-yellow on the inside, baseball-sized pond apples dangle from branches along the shore. Don’t eat ’em – they can be poisonous.

Sweet smelling and elegant, white swamp lillies look like starbursts along the banks of the Lox. They love full sun and wet soil, and grow up to three feet tall.

Cypress knees, knobby nubs that grow around the base of the tall trees, are a mystery during your things to do in Jupiter adventure.

Some scientists say they are anchors to keep the trees in place. Others say they collect oxygen. Or maybe they are a defense, a spiky, spooky barrier against enemies.



a group of people posing for the camera

The Magic Bowls, a food truck located in Riverbend Park next to JUPITER OUTDOOR CENTER, serves up delicious açaí bowls, smoothies, coffee and more after your things to do in Jupiter adventure in Riverbend Park.

Isaac and Amanda opened just over a year ago, and have since become a vibrant favorite at Riverbend Park.

The blueberry smoothie is my favorite


Check out the Local Leader in Outdoor Activities: Contact Jupiter Outdoor Center at
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