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School’s Out Day Camps Still Rockin’ Strong

School's Out Day Camps Jupiter Kids Camp

Jupiter Outdoor Center has had a few School’s Out Day Camps since my last blog from Camp #2. Most of those camps were a combination of wind and more wind plus the added bonus of one camp on a full moon. Never the less, fun and adventure were had by the kids.

Speaking of the kids…I just adore my job as counselor. Each child is treasure in their own Kids Day Camps Jupiterway. They never cease to amaze me. So, I thought I would just blog about a few things that I have learned from hanging out with the campers.

I sometimes just sit back a bit and watch. Kids from every walk of life have joined us here at Jupiter Outdoor Center and there is no prejudice, no questions..just pure innocence with the expectation of fun ahead. As adults I feel we become jaded by society …thus…watching these kids, who are total strangers for the most part, just instantly bond the way they do is a fantastic thing to see? The joyous innocence of youth. I’ve seen the connection of siblings in a way that warms my heart. Fears have been overcome and memories of a lifetime have been made.Spending the day with these kids makes me happy. One day in particular after a great afternoon with the campers…I went home and turned on the news. What a buzz kill!!! After such a day of wonderment and fun with the children… I was disturbed and saddened by the real world. I turned off the television. All in all, I think there is a point when all of us as adults and /or  parents would like to be a kid at Jupiter Outdoor Center’s School’s Out Day Camp. Young is a state of mind. Come visit us at JOC and let your kids show you.

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