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Paddle Boarding Jupiter – Best Places To Rent And Learn Paddle Boarding In Jupiter

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Paddle Boarding JupiterPaddle Boarding Jupiter is one of the most popular surface water sports in Jupiter and South Florida. However, problems can arise when finding a paddleboard shop for renting and learning about Paddle Boarding  Jupiter.

Finding the best place to learn, practice, and rent paddleboards in Jupiter can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.  Many times tourists and locals perform a keyword search for “Paddle Boarding Jupiter”  but realize how difficult it is to find paddleboard rental services on The Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve and that it is even harder to find a paddleboard shop with specialists that offer professional advice for novice Jupiter paddle boarders.

Here’s a quote from a paddleboarder about their experience Paddle Boarding Jupiter:

“I came a long way from Miami, and I thought it was going to be convenient to find a place to rent a paddle board. I never expected that getting a paddle board could be such a time consuming process. I couldn’t find the right shop ,it took way more time than I expected just to strap the board on my car and even after all that wasted time I still had to learn Paddle Boarding Jupiter waterways.”

We have seen this scenario repeat itself hundreds times; families driving from place to place looking for a shop to rent a paddle board. And when they finally find a paddle board shop it is not on the water, then they waste more time strapping the paddle boards to the car, find the water, haul their gear  down to the coast line – It is only then, after a lot of wasted time can they actually enjoy the activity of Paddle Boarding in Jupiter.

Save time and enjoy the water by following these 3 tips to finding the best places to rent and learn Paddle Boarding Jupiter

tips Tip #1: Use The Online Or Off-line Business Directories To Look For Paddle Boarding Jupiter – You need to look for a shop that provides Paddle Boarding Jupiter rental service by searching through both online and off-line business directories. Jot down their contact details and then start making inquiries about Paddle Boarding Jupiter.
tips2 Tip #2: Established Reputations Regarding Paddle Boarding Jupiter – You need to look for the testimonials from the shop’s website or advertisements to see whether their paddle boarding rental service is worth your time and money.
tips3 Tip #3: World Class Locations – Jupiter has amazing spots for Paddle Boarding Jupiter because of its geographical advantage – it has access to expansive intracoastal waterways, rivers, and to the ocean.

If you are looking for a waterfront location for Paddle Boarding Jupiter with an established company – Then the Jupiter Outdoor Center is your paddle board shop for renting, learning, or practicing paddle boarding.

Jupiter Out Door Center is located on the Jupiter River and is the only Jupiter paddle board shop that is located directly on the water. From the Jupiter River you can access The Jupiter Inlet Aquatic Preserve, Jupiter Inlet, Lower Loxahatchee River, and The Indian River for 1-4 hours of paddling in the crystal clear water of the Gulf Stream.

Jupiter Outdoor Center is a premier location for the beginners and advanced Jupiter paddle boarders.

So call us at 561-747-0063 or stop by our Center!

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