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Meet The Staff!

Owner: Rick Clegg 

Rick Clegg started Jupiter Outdoor Center in 1997 to share his enthusiasm for the outdoors. Rick’s interests are varied. He formerly owned Guanabanas, the popular waterfront tourist destination. He still owns a real estate brokerage, Weichert Realtors Sunshine Properties. He also owns a unique rental home made of two shipping containers along the river. He plans to add more containers to the home, dubbed, so it can accommodate small groups.

Rick’s Jupiter Outdoor Center now has two locations and continues to evolve to offer the best and most interesting ways to get out and enjoy the best of nature of South Florida. While he still keeps busy with multiple businesses, he  remains committed to his core passion: “My goal,” he said, “is to get people outdoors.”


Operations Manager: Rob Hofmann

Rob might be one of the luckiest men in the world. After a long lifetime of worldwide adventures and travel for work and fun he has now landed in the beautiful woods and waters of Jupiter.  His outdoor experience and love of nature combine well with the  Jupiter Outdoor Center.

Rob worked in computer mapping (GIS) at Florida Power & Light,  also with ESRI the world leader in Geographic Information and for a Brazilian Software company before coming to JOC.  As a kid Rob had to move all over the world as the son of a military and airline pilot. Some of his biggest adventures came as a child when he got to fly in the back of cargo planes delivering supplies around the world with his dad. One trip he got to ride for days in an african dictators mercedes-benz that was being delivered to Uganda.

These days he loves to give lessons and lead tours on paddleboards. When traveling he always visits outdoor rental shops or adventure tours and tries to learn as much as possible and apply that to work.

The Jupiter Farms resident  loves surfing, trying to make art, as well as gardening, traveling and of course outdoor adventures.


Tour Guide and Office Manager: Reba Aspinwall 

Reba Aspinwall gets a thrill each time she leads a stand up paddle board or kayak tour – and she wants to share that feeling with others on Jupiter’s waterways.

“I want to show our visitors the beautiful surroundings and natural wildlife. I still get a child-like reaction when I see the sea turtles, manatees, birds, rays and other wildlife,” said Reba, 24.

That’s what happened on a recent tour Reba led near the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse. Up ahead looked like an outcropping of black rocks near the shore.

But as they floated closer, the group found manatees lounging on the surface.

“What a happy surprise. Many on the tour said they didn’t expect the manatees to be that big. They left with great memories,” says Reba, who has also been a zip line instructor, camp counselor and lifeguard.

Wildlife regularly seen during a Reba tour is an unpredicted discovery for visitors, many who are rookies at stand up paddle boarding or kayaking.

“Their happy reactions are what keeps me excited. It’s like I’m seeing the wildlife for the first time,” said Reba, a native of Cortland, a rural community in upstate New York.

The second youngest of seven brothers and sisters, Reba’s first visit to Florida was with her family to Key Largo when she was 10 years old.  “We went to Key West. We did some diving. I realized then I always wanted to be near the water,” says Reba.

When not leading tours, Reba often spends her free time – where else? – on the water. A recent thrill was spotting a pod of dolphins while she and a friend were stand up paddle boarding a quarter-mile off the Jupiter Reef Club, just north of the Juno Beach Pier.

Knitting is another hobby. Her mother is a professional quilter. Her father is a biology professor at State University of New York Cortland College.

Her best JOC memory is the time she took out about 10 people on a sunset tour – her first time leading a tour. “We came back and I just sat back on the beach. It was beautiful,” said Reba.

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