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Which Paddleboard Should I Choose?


So you’re looking to buy a stand up paddleboard.  Where should you start?  When you look on the water you see a lot of different styles out there.  From surf style boards to racing boards there is a pretty broad spectrum.  So what’s out there?  On the market right now you can find a number of different styles.

Surfing boards are shorter in length and are used primarily in the surf zone to ride waves.  A shorter board is more maneuverable than a long board.  SUP surfing can be a great way for beginner surfers to get hold of waves.  While they make a variety of sizes and shapes all board purchases should be made with the ability and weight of the rider in mind.  A shorter board will be easier to turn on the waves but less stable.

Recreation or all-purpose boards give a paddler a variety of activities it can be used for.  From catching waves to riding flat water a recreational board allows for lots a fun on the water.  All-purpose boards are a longer than surf style SUP’s but shorter than racing/touring boards.  These boards tend to be wider than other boards for greater stability and are awesome boards for beginners or people who want to do yoga.

Touring and racing boards are the largest of the boards that are out there.  These boards are designed to go fast on flat water.  Most racing and touring boards are either 12’6” or 14’ long and widths vary.  The narrower a board is the faster it will be, however the less stable the board will be.