Snorkeling Gear Rental

So you’re in town and either forgot to pack your snorkel gear, you have someone travelling with you that forgot theirs, or you didn’t even realize that there are great places to snorkel right here in Jupiter.  We provide high quality snorkel rental packages that can help you get into the underwater worlds and explore our abundant sea life that abounds in our local waters.  If you are renting a kayak or standup paddleboard from us, you can add on a snorkel package to take with you and up your level of fun.  Paddlers can easily get to snorkeling locations just minutes from our launch beach.  All our gear is cleaned ad sanitized after each use.

Snorkel Equipment Rental Package
$20 per day (9:00am – 4:30pm) / per person
Each Package includes a mask, snorkel, and snorkeling fins. One inflatable safety marker or dive flag per group will be provided upon request.