Epic Kayaks and Surf Skis

The Jupiter Outdoor Center is a proud authorized dealer of Epic Kayaks, Surfskis, and Paddles & Accessories.  Below you will find the complete line of Epic Surfskis, Kayaks and Paddles that we carry.  Please browse through the models and click on the model you are interested in for more detail and specs for that model.  Epic Kayaks is a leader in the performance paddling industry, and was born from the experience of it’s CEO, Greg Barton, 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist in kayaking.  These are some serious “fun machines”!  We would love for you to come demo one of the new Epic V7’s anytime we are open, so you can get hooked on performance paddling and up your fitness game with Epic Kayaks and Surfskis!


Epic V6 Surfski for Sale

Epic V7 Surfski for Sale

Epic V8 Surfski for Sale

Epic V10 Sport Surfski for Sale

Epic V10 Surfski for Sale

Epic V10L Surfski for Sale

Epic V12 Surfski for Sale

Epic V14 Surfski for Sale Epic V10 Double Surfski for Sale


Epic GPX Kayak for Sale

Epic 16X Kayak for Sale

Epic 18X Kayak for Sale

Epic 18X Sport Kayak for Sale


EPIC Wing Paddles